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Ringback is the original call back service that we gave to our customers. Ringback is mainly only used for our customers that use a Landline number to book a taxi. This service can be attached to a Mobile number, but only by request. Ringback is used to notify customers that their taxi has been dispatched andwill arrive shortly.

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Textback is the service used for any customer using a Mobile Phone. This can also be used if theydon’t book using a Mobile, but give us the number of a mobile phone they wish to use for contact. Customers using the Mobile App and Ebook (providing the number given at the point of booking is a mobile) will receive Textback. Customers using Textback will receive 3 text messages:

  1. Confirmation of booking including Time and Date
  2. Imminent arrival of vehicle including Vehicle details, Make, Model, Colour and Registration No.
  3. A 'Thank You' from Chads Cars for using our service
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Methods of Payment: Cab Card

Chads Cars have a Loyalty Card scheme which we call the Cab Card. This card can be used as a Loyalty Card where by the customer receives loyalty points for their taxi usage. You can also pay for your taxis with it by using it as a top-up and pre-pay card.

Customers who use it as a Loyalty card only will receive an amount of taxi credit once they have reached their pre-set number of Cab points.

A customer using the card as a pre-pay card as well will have their taxi credit added to the card balance as and when they reach the pre-set number of Cab points. Cab Cards are easy to top-up; call us on 01332 280555 and we can take your payment over the phone. We can accept all major Credit/Debit Cards.

How to get a Cab Card...

Just speak to your Driver or the Operator next time you book a taxi.

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Out of Area Pickups

We require payment in full for all return journeys from Mainland Airports (except EMA) and Seaports. We may also request payment for some other journeys. Card payments can be accepted over the phone. Customers are informed that their card may be declined due to the fraud rules we have in place. You will need to know the full address that the card is registered to, or our fraud rules will decline the card.

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