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Ringback is our callback service to notify landline customers that their taxi has or will arrive shortly. The ringback is activated by a driver when s/he notifies our system that they have arrived at the pick-up location.

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Textback is a service used for customers who have booked using a Mobile Phone. If you are calling from a landline phone, but require a Textback to your mobile give the operator the number you wish to use for contact. Customers using the web-booker (providing the number given at the point of booking is a mobile number) will receive a Textback. Customers will receive two text messages:

  • Confirmation that your driver has been dispatched and is on his/her way. You will receive a link in the text message the will allow you to track your driver.
  • The imminent arrival of your driver and this will include vehicle details make, model, colour, and registration number.
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Methods of Payment

Chads Cars can accept all major debit and credit cards.

Customers can pay by card through the customer app or Web-booker by registering their card first with the system (The system makes a test transaction of £1.01 when you first register the card. This shows as a pending transaction on your bank account, but will drop-off after a couple of days).

Drivers can accept card payment at the end of a journey by activating an SMS link (Smartphone is required with an internet connection). Our system sends a text message which contains the payment link to the phone number provided. Passengers then pay using their mobile and entering their card details into their own phone by using the iPay or Google Pay button.

Anybody wishing to pre-pay for a journey we use an email system called Pay-by-Link. For this, we require an email address and we then send the email-link to the customer. This link can also be sent via text message if preferred.

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Out of Area Pick-ups

We require payment in full for all return journeys from mainland airports (except East Midlands Airport) and seaports. We may request payment for some other journeys, for these you will be informed at the time of booking.

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