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Chads Cars: Derby Taxi Service

How to Book a Taxi...

Because of the technology that Chads Cars have invested in over the years we are able to accept bookings in a variety of ways; over the phone, IVR, iCabbi and by Mobile App.

You can also of course book a Taxi in the conventional way, by ringing our call centre on 01332 666222 or 01332 280555 and speaking to one of our fully trained operators.

They are always willing to help you with your enquiries, whatever your needs may be.


To be able to book via the IVR system, you only need to have used the conventional method of booking a taxi once. The IVR system then stores a callers telephone number and keeps a record of all the addresses booked from that number. When you ring again the system will offer to book a taxi for you from one of your popular addresses (landline numbers only have one address option). You will be asked to Press 1 when you hear the address you wish to book from. Should you at any time wish to speak with an operator, then just Press 0(zero).

If you already have a booking on our system the IVR will offer some other options; you can Press 2 to cancel the booking or Press 3 to release it early because you are ready now. If your has been dispatched and is on its way, the system will tell you the vehicle details; registration number, make, model and colour. If you Press 1 it will call your driver so that you can find out where they are and/or how long they will be (all calls between driver and customer are recorded. Also, at no time does the driver or the customer see the others phone number).

Warning: Please be aware that the IVR booking system is an ASAP booking service only, and care should be taken when booking a taxi that will involve the need to make a connection or any other important meeting, i.e. Train, Bus, interview, and a dinner reservation. Always allow at least 30 minutes to make your connection when traveling within the city. If you are booking from outside the City then more travel time will be necessary. With all the road works taking place within the City more time should be allowed during rush-hour periods.

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iCabbi is our online booking service; you can book for ASAP or make an advanced booking using this service. You are able to cancel the booking if you no longer require it or just change the time and date to your new requirement. The web-booker gives an estimated price and the option to add a via or two, allowing you to pick others up along the way.

Pay your taxi fare by card, this is charged at the end of the journey and uses the fare showing on the meter (The system makes a test transaction of £1.01 when you first register the card. This shows as a pending transaction on your bank account, but will drop-off after a couple of days).

A valid email address is required for registration to use the web-booker.

Guest Bookings via iCabbi: Click Here >>

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Customer App

The Customer App is the new way of booking a taxi; you will need either an iPhone or a Smartphone with Android operating system. To download the app go to the App Store or Google Play and search for the Chads Cars app. Once you have downloaded and installed the App, it will need to be registered. Our system will send a verification code to your mobile number.

By booking with the App you can make ASAP bookings, or book in advance. Should your requirements change and providing your taxi has not been dispatched, you can cancel your booking through the app. Once your booking has been made, you are able to monitor the booking up to your vehicle being dispatched. Then when a driver has been allocated you can track his/her progress to your pick-up point. You can also call your driver from the app should you need to speak with them about where you are waiting.

App users only receive push notifications, so we advise that Chads Cars App notifications are turned on.

App users can also use the online iCabbi system, the log-on details are the same.

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